Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still play original Gameboy games after customizing it?

Yes, our custom mods do not affect the ability to play original Gameboy games. In fact, our mods aim to enhance the gaming experience by improving screen visibility, sound quality, playtime, etc.

Do you use third party motherboards?

No, all of our custom Gameboys are built with original Nintendo equipment in regards to the software and cartridge system. Our motherboards are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and tested.

Can you repair/upgrade my original Game Boy?

Under certain circumstances we may offer an opportunity to repair/upgrade your original Gameboy. Contact us for more information.

Will customizing my Gameboy void its warranty?

Since these consoles are often decades old and warranties have long expired, this should not be a concern. Ultimately, yes, modifying your Gameboy will typically void any existing warranty.

Do you offer new warranties on your custom Gameboys?

Unfortunately, we currently do not offer warranties on our products.

How can I learn more about the specific details of the mods?

Check out our Mod Guide for our detailed list of custom Gameboys modifications we make on all of our products.

Not sure where to start?
View our Mod Guide.

Learn more about the details of our custom Gameboys.

Not sure where to start? Check out our Mod Guide
for more details.